The purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council is to assist the pastor in policy-making and decision-making for all areas of Holy Ghost Parish. Cooperating with the leadership of the pastor, the Council provides direction for the parish. For question or information please call the Parish Business Office or Tony Widhalm.

The purpose of this committee is to make recommendations for the financial aspects to the administration of the parish. It is consultative and accountable to the pastor. The pastor appoints the members in consultation with appropriate staff. Members come from the parish faith community and collectively have financial skills and a broad view of parish ministries and facilities. Any question you may have contact Roger Scheiding.


Through this organization the women of the parish speak and act as a unit to do the work of Christ in the parish community. They develop programs to give spiritual and financial assistance to the recognized needs of the parish. For more information call Heather Slizoski.

The Men’s Club was created as the Athletic Club to meet the sports’ needs of the young people at Holy Ghost. Since that time the club has expanded to sponsor family functions, parish improvements as well as continuing to sponsor and run the basketball, volleyball, baseball, and softball teams for the boys and girls in Holy Ghost Parish.For more  information call  the Holy Ghost Athletic Director, Chad Gann, if you have questions on sports.

The St. Vincent de Paul Society dedicated to helping the poor and underprivileged, the sick, the shut-ins, the elderly and the confined. Sensitive to the dignity of all people and with strict confidentiality, they give material and spiritual assistance to those whose needs are brought to their attention by fellow-parishioners. For information or help contact Don Noonan.