All boys and girls 5th grade and above are eligible to take part in the Mass at Holy Ghost as Altar Servers. There is a training program after which the boys and girls will be scheduled to serve at the parish liturgies. Contact Deacon Andy Sommer for more information.

This group consists of lay people called both by the Pastor and commissioned by the Archbishop for a 3-year period. After receiving training for a deeper understanding of the Eucharist, they serve the parish by assisting with the distribution of the Eucharist at Mass and by taking Communion to the sick, elderly and homebound. Anyone who is
unable to attend Mass because of illness or infirmity and would like to receive Communion at home, please call Deacon Tom Schulte.

If you are called to commentate or proclaim the Word of God at Saturday or Sunday Mass, then being part of this ministry will get you the necessary training and will schedule you to take part in the liturgy. If you are interested in finding out more about this ministry please contact Deacon Al Aulner.

Gift Bearers bring the bread and wine to the altar in preparation for the consecration into the body and blood of Jesus. If you are interested in helping with this ministry please contact the rectory during business hours.

Greeters welcome the congregation to Mass as they enter the church. If you would like to be a part of this ministry please call the rectory during business hours.

Ushers assist the people with finding their seats, assist when needed with the congregation, and take the collection up at all masses. If you are interested in this ministry please call Lyman Bridgman.

This group comes together to keep the inside of our Church clean. They are here on Friday mornings to make our Church ready for the weekend Masses. If you have an interest in joining this ministry please call Lyman Bridgman.

Money counters are accountable for counting the collections from the weekend Masses and reporting back to the Parish Business Office. If interested in this ministry please call the Parish Business Office.

To ensure the beauty, prayer and order in the Mass at Holy Ghost, preparation, not only by the ministers of the liturgy, but also by the sacristan, is required. This ministry of sacristan is essential for the preparation of the vessels and all of the items necessary for the liturgy. Invisible during the celebration, the effects of this ministry are visible as the
community is able to participate without distraction or disruption. A sacristan’s role is to prepare all that is needed in the worship space and the items needed at the altar for Mass. This includes preparing the liturgical books and the
credence and gift tables that hold all of the sacred vessels. After Mass, they make sure everything is put back in order in the sacristy. The sacristan serves in this important ministry with a prayerful reverence and respect in handling materials used for the Mass. Call Kathy Schulte with questions or if you are interested in helping with this ministry.

Our choir is a representative of men and women of the parish. They provide the music for all weekend Masses and for special liturgies. If you are interested in joining the choir please contact Ben Baber.

This is a network of people willing to pray for anyone who is in special need of prayers. You can call Geri Rewolinski to add requests to the prayer chain or if you are interested in getting involved.

This group provides services for fellow parishioners when there is a death in the family. Their purpose is to meet with the families and provide comfort at the time of grieving and to assist the families in planning the Rosary/Prayer Service and Funeral. Call the Parish Office, Deacon Tom Schulte or Deacon Paul Eubanks when in need.

This committee is available to set up and serve luncheons for the family of a deceased parishioner who is buried from the Church. The committee representative is also available to give suggestions to the family on various supplemental items for the luncheon and food. If you are interested in helping with this ministry you may call Grace Pohl.

RCIA is the process through which adults are fully initiated into the Catholic faith. These classes are held on Sunday mornings. Rite of Christian Initiation of Adult classes begin in the fall and end in the spring. Please contact Deacon Tom Schulte for more information.

Members of this ministry are representatives concerned with the various aspects of the liturgy (music, readings, liturgical art, etc.). Its purpose is to establish a theme for the Church’s liturgical seasons and to plan liturgies in accord with this theme. For more information call Ellie Morley.