Statement of Mission Goals


  • Encourage all parish members to practice their faith consistently and sacramentally.
  • Provide a variety of small and large group experiences designed to build a stronger sense of community, enabling us to pray, play and grow spiritually and emotionally together.
  • Reach out to the alienated, grieving and infirmed, and those who need us and create a welcoming environment leading to the community of God.
  • Provide quality, affordable Catholic education through the parish school and religious education programs for adults and children.
  • Create a community of active ministries by calling forth each parish member to share their time, talent and treasure, which are gifts of the Lord.
  • Promote, support and encourage vocations to the priesthood, religious life and deaconate.
  • Develop programs/activities geared to strengthen and unify the Archdiocese and the world community.